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Is my Japanese good enough to get a job?
 | Living and working in Japan requires basic Japanese.

Never learnt Japanese before? Having difficulty with Japanese?
There's nothing to worry about! Our Japanese language tutors will teach you everything from A to Z.

Japanese is difficult, isn't it? You need to master Hiragana and Katakana first, and it also takes time to memorize words and grammar.

Don't worry! Here is a sample of our picture cards that help you learn using cute pictures!

By learning with pictures, you will be able to easily memorize the word or grammar point.

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For Those of You Who Wish to Work in Japan

Want to work in Japan? Lucky you!
An aging workforce and a lower fertility rate means mean there is a real shortage of energetic, young laborers.
The Government of Japan is now looking to welcome an increasing number of foreign workers.


The key to securing a job is having a good command of Japanese. Struggling to communicate in Japanese? You may face a rocky road ahead.

An accredited qualification like the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) may come in handy to show your Japanese skills to your future employers.

Alongside the 4 core skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking), you will be expected to have a thorough knowledge of cultural dos and don'ts when in Japan.

Our online Japanese courses will help you improve your Japanese skills wherever you are.
Why bother with language schools when Fruitful Japanese saves you time, money and energy?

We also offer professional counselling for those looking for volunteer opportunities in Japan.

With Fruitful Japanese, you will be all set for a new adventure!

course introduction

Basic Japanese Lesson

Fruitful Englishfs first Japanese class, gBasic Japanese Lesson,h is just right for those of you who are starting out on your Japanese learning journey, as you will begin learning Hiragana and Katakana first. We guarantee that you will be able to learn and improve your Japanese with an experienced Japanese language teacher and our unique teaching materials in a short time.

FREE Japanese Test